The headlines are “Aging Women are the New Homeless.”It is no surprise to me – and many of my friends.  I meet regularly with a group of women who are looking at sharing a house to manage the challenges of being a single senior woman.  Sharing comes with its own set of problems.

Within the next 10 days I move out of my unit into my campervan.  It will be my home – until I can afford some bricks and mortar of some sort.  I am one of many doing this.

I am still working on a program of co-housing for women – but I have a lot to do to get it off the ground and I welcome any support.  If you go to Facebook and send me a message, I will update you.

Over and over again I hear the stories of women, many who are amazingly positive about the future, who are faced with enormous challenges finding a suitable home.

My solution is only short term – how can I live forever in a campervan?  Clearly, as I age, a whole range of problems will face me.  Even now people ask me where I am going to park my van.  To go into a caravan park is expensive, though much cheaper than paying rent,  but at the moment I will do what other women do.  Just stop the van when and where they want to.  I know they can be moved on, but that is the only option for some women.

Housing Affordability

In recent weeks there has been a lot of press about housing affordability, but little or no reference to this cohort.  Until today.  The story is in many papers.  I will be starting on work with SOSEW in the next few weeks.  I just have to manage to move from the unit to the van.  Watch this space.

Read the article here. 

I am also looking for women to help me on the massive journey to create great permanent affordable housing for senior solo women.  If you would like to help, please contact me via Facebook or the contact form.

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