Mission Australia’s website details the stories of two homeless women.  Click here to read it. 

Federal Budget

The Federal Government released its proposed budget details, but despite the fact of a housing crisis there was not a lot of hope for those who are coping with housing affordability or similar.  It was very disappointing.


There are some developments with SOSEW which will be detailed on this site shortly.  I have had a couple of meetings with people who will support our aims.  One thing that will be organised in the next few weeks is to form an incorporated association.  This will give us recognition as a “real” organisation. I have a number of people interested in being on our initial board.  Identifying and creating the wording of our ‘objectives’  is being worked on at the moment.

We are also interested in hearing the stories of Australian women – about their housing challenges.  While there are many stories in the press, there are two of us working together on a publication of stories.  If you would like to tell your story – can you make contact through the Contact Form or our Facebook page – send a message on FB – do not give your personal details on Facebook.  The idea of the publication is to seek further support for SOSEW.

Everyone we speak with shows interest in the cohousing model that we talk about – but it will take a long time to set up.  One of the biggest hurdles is to get governments to take action.  The federal government does have a housing budget but the states are the ones that manage the funds.

People all around Australia who are in the rental market report challenges.  I see tenants as just making money for the landlords.  While there are many good landlords, there are some that just milk the tenants.

My Story

I moved out of my rental property last week.  I’d had enough of paying high rents and having to fight to get maintenance etc.  Even in my last weeks, the treatment by the real estate agent did not impress.  In the midst of packing, I was advised that a prospective tenant would be visiting with the agent to inspect the unit.  I spent an hour or so tidying up etc, but at the appointed time no one came.  The agent didn’t have the courtesy to communicate with me.  The following day, another time was made.  Again the prospective tenant did not show up.  The agent did this time.   I must say the agents were impressed with the condition of the unit when I left and I did receive my bond back and quickly too.





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