The Housing Crisis in Australia is well documented. Another article has turned up on Dr Google’s pages.  It is something published by Homelessness NSW on behalf of the Older Women’s Housing and Homelessness Group.  It was published in February this year.

The article can be downloaded or read from here. 

At the same time, I discovered a podcast of a program on RN (Radio National) with Ellen Fanning.  This was broadcast in September this year (2016).  Again interesting to listen to.

With the festive season looming I am not likely to get a lot of cooperation from groups and individuals I have contacted, so for the next few weeks at least I will just be working on the project in the background, hoping that 2017 brings me plenty of good news.

One thing I will endeavour to do in the next few weeks is document some stories.  Unfortunately, few people want their story told, or if their story is made public they will shy away from being identified.  I can cope with that.

Ellen Fanning is one of the faces behind an ABC Program called Life Matters – which broadcast the program on the housing crisis for women.

There were some very sad stories of some of the women.  The frustration of not being able to find a solution is palpable and it can be a very desperate situation.

If anyone is reading this and wishes to share her story on homelessness issues, please make contact with me.  I welcome the support of anyone who wishes to participate in a project that might just be the catalyst for solving some of the problems – lack of housing, women homelessness etc.

Housing Options for the homeless

  • Couch surfing
  • House sitting
  • Living/sleeping in a car
  • Living in a park or similar
  • Finding a shed/back of building
  • In the streets/under bridges
  • try to get support from Lifeline, Salvation Army and others.

Women living in caravans.

There are women living in caravans – some perhaps on someone’s property, though some travel from free camp to free camp.  It is cheaper than renting a house.  But what happens if they have a health issue that makes can living impossible?

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