There seems to be increasing discussion on the issue of senior women’s housing issues.

Another article appeared in my inbox.   Click here to read it.

We are getting closer to creating a not-for-profit organisation and linking with other organisations interested in the topic.

In the recent State Budget there has been an increase in funding for “public housing” but I am concerned that just building bricks and mortar “units” is not necessarily the answer for many women.

Shared Housing is an option for many – but as I have probably said, it is not something that interests me.  I’ve tried and failed.  Retirement Villages work for some, but some solo women find them a little challenging.

Granny flats work for some – but it is likely that the “granny” will become somewhat isolated.  Families these days are terribly busy and have their own lives to lead, so often granny is neglected.

We need to look at a range of options.

Work is being done on this – something that SOSEW will be involved in.  Watch this space.

We are also seeking women who are prepared to tell their stories.   If you would like to participate, please send a message via the contact page.  Your privacy will be protected and we will not be using real names.  If you are in the Brisbane area, let us know please.

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