Housing for Older Solo Women

Over the past 12 months, I have had contact with a number of organisations and politicians of both major parties at local, state and federal level without getting any support for our program on housing for senior solo women..  Everyone I speak to appears to be interested in the subject, they have some knowledge of the affordable housing crisis in Australia, but no one does anything.

The two major parties (Liberal National Party and Labor Party) have not made reference to the housing affordability issue, which gets plenty of publicity in all sections of the media, but not one party has spoken about it in the media, let alone done anything.

Is it a Gender Issue?

Is it a sexist issue? I know I am focusing on housing for women – senior solo women, who, according to the statistics is the largest cohort of senior people having housing issues.  Do men care?  Is it the way it has always been where there is little reference to making life easier for women?

At the moment I am still house sitting, but a number of factors are making me consider other options.  I am sick of packing up and moving every few weeks (though my current house sit is nearly three months).  I am having increasing health issues – that are no doubt caused in part by the stress I feel of not having my own place.

I have been in contact with some organisations and attended some “conferences” on homelessness and housing affordability, but come away with great disappointment.  Some are just “talk-fests” – some focusing on younger folk.  I have had meetings with, and spoken with a number of people who are involved with these organisations, but can’t seem to get any action/support from anyone.

Sleeping on a bench

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Looking for a House

I have endeavoured to find housing for myself again – as this house sit ends just before the new years.  I had been rejected by the Department of Housing – they apparently believed that I had plenty of money and didn’t fit their criteria.  That is now fixed.  I can now go on the waiting list – I doubt I will last long enough for my name to reach the head of the list.  Commit a crime???   Maybe I can go to gaol – better care there than senior solo women get “on the outside.”

One thing I have discovered, is if I search for “affordable rental housing” – most of the sites that appear are not rental.  They are about buying into retirement villages.  Ugh!  If only I could.

But watch this space.  I haven’t given up.

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