A number of ladies have recommended Shared Housing.  It is a great idea – especially if you can find the “right” person to share with.  Many people  choose share – it reduces most living costs and provides a friend to share time and activities with.  It can, though, be a challenge if there is any conflict.

My experience has not been good.  As part of our employment, I was required to share a two bedroom apartment.  The first week was ok, but it went downhill from there.  I won’t go into detail but the lady “demanded” I do things for her, she announced that she would do all the cooking and I would just have to eat what she provided.  There was no consultation.  She dictated. When I protested and endeavoured to negotiate, she yelled at me.  I went to my room and pondered the future.  We had another 5 months to go!

She then started telling people that I had “assaulted” her.  I had commenced worth there some weeks before her, and luckily for me, the employers did not believe her ranting.  She also had caused some problems with other people.  She was moved to another apartment.  It really upset me in many ways.  The idea of sharing, unless I know and get on well with the person I will share with, is scary to me.

I am looking for something more permanent too.

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Shared Housing Problem

A recent story, about a guy, whose health deteriorated and his long term sharer in an apartment decreed that he didn’t want to live with someone who was ageing quickly.  Leaving the senior man in great difficulty.  Who would want to move in with a man who clearly had some physical health problems?  The man, already stressed with his health issues is currently looking or alternative accommodation.  As many would know, it is not an easy task and so far no solution has been found.  He cannot afford the rent on his own.

Stories about accessing public housing are most discouraging.  There appears to be long waiting lists for such housing.  It is not easy to find accommodation for seniors, unless you have a healthy bank balance.

Do take care when choosing to share.  Make sure you have a good agreement with the other person, and be clear in what is expected of each of you.

(If you are interested in Shared Housing, check out Facebook or Dr Google for sites that assist with sharing.)

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