There’s a lot more in the press about the issue of domestic violence and marriage problems.  Laws are being changed to intercept and stop the abuse, take care of the wife and children and punish the perpetrator.  There are more programs to assist the violent people to ensure that they stop their destructive ways.

I have had the opportunity to speak with many solo women about their experiences and I find it shocking.

Abuse is Not Normal

There will be major change, I believe, but it will take a little while.  So many children have seen what their parents have done, and some will continue the ways that they see as “normal” unless and until they can be retrained.

It’s good to see men standing up and telling their stories in the hope that others will see that it is not the way to treat someone you are supposed to love.  Congratulations to this man who has been able to tell his story.

ABC Stories

Other stories are coming out too.  “Stop Punching Women” says another on the ABC.

Story after story.  It breaks my heart.  Domestic Violence.

As you can see from these stories on the ABC, it is not just the victim and perpetrator and children that are affected, it is the police, nurses, doctors, support teams and so forth.  What horror they have to work with!!!!

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Domestic Violence is just one cause for women to be homeless, but it is major one as so many women have chosen to leave an abusive marriage.  Remember too, it is not just physical abuse, but verbal and financial abuse too.  Someone who drinks to much and causes financial hardship, gamblers who lose too much and so it goes.

Let’s Make Change

We must all work for a better and safer world – we may not be able to do much about the horrid wars and violence in other countries, but we can work to make our own country the safest in the world for all its people.

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