It has been raised with me that there are also many homeless men.  I acknowledge that.  I do believe it is easier for men to find help and support and find  accommodation that is suited to them.  I certainly understand that many still need help.

The project on which I am working  just might also be suitable for men.  In fact, I am sure it is.  However, as a trial project I am going to concentrate on finding a solution for women.  If it is a success, other groups will be able to follow and copy the project.

It is not a “woe is me” women’s issue.   It is a problem that faces many cohorts.  It is just that I am more familiar with challenges in this group and am keen to work to find a solution.  I would hope that it would work for other groups.

As readers will learn, it is a concept that has not been part of the solution in Australia.  What if it works?

I am hoping to progress with a trial program.  Just maybe, it will be an huge success for many groups.  AT the moment it is a test and measure project.

The statistics on homelessness in Australia should be a national shame.  I hope that the SOSEW project provides an inspiration to other groups to find ways of developing a solution to the problem.  This article details some of the issues with homelessness in Australia.  Click here.

We all have to work  together to find a solution to this terrible problem.  Young people too need to help – so that they do not become part of this group some time in the future.

I promise to work hard to see if the idea, which is based on an overseas project, will work for Australians.


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