Old People?

We are all going to be getting old, if we don’t die beforehand. It is no surprise to me that we all tend to ignore it – and I feel,  our society tends to ignore old people.

Older People?  Who cares?

Young people appear to have little interest in seniors or old members of our society.

Do politicians care?

With an election only days away in Queensland, many of us seniors (old people) are rather disappointed that there is little, in fact, no, discussion by potential politicians about plans to make life better for seniors. Even the government has no policy about the aged in our community.  It is as if this cohort does not exist.  I have written to some – and had no response. It is as if we are not of any value to them. Yet, it is a very large cohort.

Day after day there are articles in the press about the housing issues affecting many people in Australia – and particularly about older folk.

There has been so much publicity about the disappointing way seniors have been treated in the “retirement villages” in Australia and I am pleased to see that there are some changes being made.

Old? Aged? Seniors?  What about Elders.

I’d also like to make some changes about how older people are spoken about. “Old”, “aged”, “seniors” – what about “elders” – doesn’t that sound better?
The area of interest for me, is the issues facing senior solo people. In particular, housing for senior solo women. I am interested in doing a PhD on a topic that encompasses senior solo women – but with my current “work” load it is not going to happen.
Some things though, I do some informal research on. I believe that there are many “disappointing” things happening within the housing industries. For a start, I believe that many are not about helping seniors, as much as it is about profit.

Public Housing

Does anyone really think it is ok, to put older people in public housing with little or no support? There is generally no security in some of these places, and no on-site “caretaker”. It’s like – “You’ve got a roof over your head, so shut up!” I can take you to public housing where there are major issue – even just getting maintenance is difficult, if not impossible.
Recently I have heard about a seniors housing complex where the “manager” acts like a dictator. He has refused to allow residents to participate in the committee. Once upon a time, residents were part of the team – but recently it has been “decreed” by the manager that only he can make decisions. It doesn’t take much to imagine how happy the residents are.
I am passionate about a specific co-housing model. Watch this video to learn how it works in the UK.

Senior Cohousing – the way to do it from OWCH on Vimeo.



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