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 About Solo Senior Women.

If you keyed  into Google the words “Senior, Solo Women” once upon a time you would find websites offering a range of services to women that most are not seeking. These days there are more sites offering information for this cohort.  Many sites are for women who enjoy travel, as most of us do, but there are many more issues than solo travel that are of concern to this group.  It can be scary setting off on your own to follow your travel dreams.

Women may be on their own because they never married or never had a partner, or he or she has died, or there has been a divorce or similar breakup.  There are many statistics about the lack of funds in this cohort, for senior women may not have worked during their marriage or partnership, or if they did, did not earn as much money as males.  Many don’t have the benefit of ample superannuation, and for a large number of women they did not benefit financially after the relationship ended.



Photo taken at Columboola at Rolling Solo Camp November 2016

We will be seeking information from Solo Senior Women shortly.  Meanwhile,  we are connecting with those who are interested in the project that has just been commenced.

Maybe the statistics from the 2016 Census will give addition information on this group.  There will be details and links to research about this cohort on this site too. Many women feel alone, scared, poverty stricken and have a range of concerns about their future.  SOSEW will look at ways of assisting this group.  SOSEW?  So, So?  SOloSEniorW.  Solo Senior Women.  Let’s work together!!  Let’s see what we can achieve.


As I write this (November 23rd) I can report that I have been in contact with a range of people.  Some are involved in the provision of housing and services for older people.   Some  provide services for women.  I am communicating with government and non-government agencies.  I am discussing housing project, that might just be revolutionary in Australia, but based on projects in Europe and the UK.

Some Issues

  • High cost of rent
  • Concern about managing in the future on one’s own
  • Loneliness
  • Managing alone when health issues arise
  • Boredom
  • Stress causes health issues
  • Limited social opportunities
  • and more

More information will be added on this site over the next few weeks.

Di Hill

If you would like to be kept up to date with progress, send an email to

info at sosew.com.au


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