Continually in the press, there are articles about the issues facing senior solo women who do not have the funds to buy their own home, and indeed many are unable to afford their own rental property.

And despite all the publicity, I see no action by government at state or federal level, to assist.

Interestingly, when reading a book, “Pixie Annat  Champion of Nurses” I found the following lines

“Pixie loved her work with St Lukes and Anglicare: ‘I was passionate about care of the aged.  These people have lived in a less prosperous Australia, working at their first job for less than a few dollars a week. They fought world wars and the Great Depression and paid for their own homes without government assistance. Today we are looked on as a burden to the taxpayer.  I find that insulting.  They are the ones responsible for helping establish our wealthy country.  They are entitled to comfort and the best care possible, and I will continue to advocate for them.’

From page 92 of Pixie Annat “Champion of Nurses”

That is one of the problems with our modern world.  It seems that many people do not understand that one day they will be an older person in our society.  I wonder if they are concerned about how they will be treated when that time comes?

I must say that I had been fortunate to spend a lot of time with older people.  As a nurse, where I often worked with older people, especially those in hospital but I also worked in an aged care facility too.

As I get older myself, I know I have a better understanding of the challenges older people face.

Once upon a time we had larger families – where there was often a sibling that one could live with, or see often.  These days there are smaller families.  One or two child families.  Often one is along, because the other is deceased, lives far away, or some other issue.

In my case, I have a daughter and son living in the same state, but both work and have little time to “look after” me.  Financial considerations are challenging too.

Still, I know I deserve better.  I know that I and other seniors should be treated with more dignity and respect.


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