There is a lot of information about the “Tiny House” movement on television and the Internet these days.  Essentially a tiny house is a small house – around the size of a small caravan.  It can be put on wheels so that you can tow it (if you have a car that can tow).  Or, you need some land.  Somewhere.

My Coaster Tiny House

I have decided to move full time into a van.  A Toyota Coaster.  I did spend a lot of time looking at other vans.  I wanted one with a toilet and shower.  And a good bed and other facilities.  Eventually, I found “my” van.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.  I am hoping it is a goodie.  Time will tell.

My Tiny House


It came today – and I had a lesson or two on how to use it.  So much to learn!  It is a steamy hot day today, so I chose to park it out the front of my unit.  Over the next few days I will go in and check it all out and work out what I am going  to put in it.

There are two single beds.  I will need only one, so will deck the other with cushions and make it into a couch.  There is crockery and utensils in it.  There are other things too.  It will take some time working out what I am going to put in the van.  I need to be very careful.

I will be taking my computer and a printer.  Some photograph equipment etc.  It is well set up, with plenty of cupboard space, but I am sure I will fill it easily!

There’s no urgency.  I will take a few short trips to test out various parts of it.  Plenty to learn.  This is my tiny house.

I have discovered that there are many women who live in vans, (caravan, motor homes) or tents. A sad indictment on the housing situation in Australia.  It is not just older women – younger women too are unable to find housing.

It is a disgrace.

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